Tutorial Dropshipping Shopify

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Bulan Lalu Teman Saya sebut saja Arie Nuryanto membuka Toko dan menjual Produk Yang Pangsa Pasarnya sudah jenuh ” SATURATED ” tapi tidak di sangka malah lumayan untung sampai $5K   dan alhamdulillah beliau mau sharing starteginya :

Tutorial Dropshipping Shopify
Tutorial Dropshipping Shopify

Langkah 1 Dropshipping Shopify:

Product selection. Trending products are by far the easiest to sell. They may not be long term, but they’re great to get experience and capital. Find a product that has a bit of competition, but not a ton. Use adspy.com to see your competitor’s ads, and look for products that ideally have between 2-6 ads with over 1K likes. Btw, saturated products do work, but only if you sell them in a unique and/or better way.

Langkah 2 Dropshipping Shopify

Make a store, social media, and ads. In a nutshell, super basic Shopify stores work great and there’s no reason to overcomplicate this. Make at least 3 different video ads for your product, and test different types of ads (twitter style, with/without captions, etc). Facebook Ads – All adset budgets @ $8/day.

Langkah 3 Dropshipping Shopify

First step is to test your creatives (your video ads). It’s also smart to test 2+ ad copies & 2+ scroll stoppers here. Set up a campaign that’s optimized for view content. Target the B4 ( United States, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom ), and leave everything else broad (unless it’s a niche product, in which case you should target some extremely broad niche interests). Make one adset per creative that you’re testing, and run these adsets until they hit 2K impressions. After 2K impressions, compare their CTR (click through rate) to find the winner.

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Langkah 4 Dropshipping Shopify

Test 10 single interests in a new campaign (one interest per adset). Optimize for purchases, target the B5 ( United States, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, New Zealand ) and narrow down your ages/genders/placements if/when you start to see an obvious winner. Target interests between a 1-20M size. Only use your winning ad for these adsets.

Langkah 5 Dropshipping Shopify

Test LLAs once you get enough data (2K for VC & 95VV, 4K for 75VV, and 1K+ for other LLAs). Test five audiences for 1-5% & one audience for 5-10%

Langkah 6 Dropshipping Shopify

Scale your winning adsets with CBOs & do your best to increase your average order value, conversion rate, and obviously your profit margins (get an agent as soon as you’re hitting $500+/day consistently).

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